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Class Dates: March 3rd-5th 2022
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Are you in a different time zone and it will be to late or too eraly for you? Get a 6-pack of Red Bull on us!!! Join our online class and we will make it sure, that you have enough power to get through it :)

You might have not enough time or you are still limited by COVID restriction, join our class and training online. You will receive the same knowledge as those attending class in person. We will send you the same printed manual, so you won't miss even a piece of information.

BMW Training

Due to the overwhelming success of our very classes, we are proud to announce round six of BMW Training happening this March. Here is some of the feedback we received from the first class:

  • 100% of participants would recommend the class to other automotive locksmiths!
  • "BMW is not as hard as it used to be anymore."
    —Maher Eid, Lock Doctor, San Francisco, CA
  • "I loved that we had professionals teaching the class, they really knew their stuff. Last class I left not learning very much, not enough hands-on. This one was perfect."
    —Kevin Saxon, Ace Locksmith, Walled Lake, MI
  • "I definitely feel more confident going out in the field and being able to tackle these jobs. I couldn't ask for better instructors teaching the class."
    —Nate DeGraw, AAA Safe & Lock, Memphis, TN

An in-depth look at BMW systems We will break down the barriers between users and the ever-complex BMW cars. From making a duplicate key to in-the-field troubleshooting and diagnostics, we will cover it all during this course. Each Student will receive a book at the beginning of the course that outlines all that we will cover. 

BYOT - Bring Your Own Tool!!! We mainly use BMW Explorer but we will be more than happy to help you out with any other tool that you own and want to keep using.

Class Topics:

  • BMW Immobilizer System Intro:
    Systems and functions in the Car and Key Versions
    • EWS 3, 4.3
    • CAS 1 Functions and implementation
    • CAS 2 Functions and implementation
    • CAS 3
    • CAS 3+
    • CAS 4
    • CAS 4+
    • FEM and BDC
  • Understanding the data
    • What data is needed to make a key and why?
    • Where is the data stored in each system?
    • What tools are needed to recover the information?
  • How to recover the information Through OBD and how to avoid potential issues
    • Battery Voltage, why is this important?
    • Stable software, what to avoid and why?
    • I crashed a car now what? What tools do I need to fix?
  • Intro to BMW Programming software
    • ISTA D and ISTA P Basics
    • E Series Development Software—WINKFP, NCS Expert
    • F Series Development Software—ESYS
  • Control Module Application lookup
    • BMW Parts Catalog
    • Part Super-sessions
  • Programming Used Modules
    • Changing VIN and Mileage
    • Programming Immobilizer data
    • Basic Program file matching and Coding
  • Common symptoms and Trouble shooting
    • Using a hot air rework station and soldering iron
    • Practice removing and replacing chips from the PCB
    • Using various tools to read, reset, and write to various chips
    • Reading in-circuit and in-cradle
    • Trouble-shooting
    • Working with BIN files

Tools & Machines That Will Be Covered:

  • BMW Factory Tools:
    • ISTA P
    • ISTA D
  • Factory Developer Tools:
    • WINKFP
    • NCS Expert
    • ESYS
  • Aftermarket BMW Tools - bring your own tool!!!
    • we mainly work with BMW Explorer, but we will be more than happy to help you out with any BMW tool that you own and want to keep using.
  • EEPROM and Other Tools:
    • Hot Air Rework Station (Soldering)
    • SMOK J Tag (EEPROM)
    • XProg Box (EEPROM)
    • XHorse VVDI Prog (EEPROM)
    • MRP Pad (EEPROM)
    • BMW Scanner (OBD Scanner)                                                                             

The Basics:
Thursday thru Saturday, each day between 8:30am - 5pm.

Cancellation Policy:
The seats for this class are limited. If you cancel without enough notice, seats go unnecessarily unfilled. Cancellations more than 2 weeks before the class will receive a 100% refund. Cancellations more than 1 week before the class will receive a 75% refund. Cancellations more than 2 days before the class will have the option to credit their account towards the next class which is to be determined.

 By the end of the weekend, you will be confident not only in making keys but diagnosing and repairing all functions of the immobilizer systems on Mercedes. You will learn what not even Factory Mercedes Technicians know! Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, you will walk away with a wealth of knowledge that you can immediately start making money with.

  • Be the best BMW locksmith in your area!
  • For those with no previous experience, start doing BMW keys with confidence!
  • For those with BMW experience already, become a true expert!


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