Mercedes-Benz - Diagnostic and Programming - Online Training

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Mercedes-Benz - Diagnostic and Programming - Online Training

Due to the overwhelming success of our very first class, we are proud to announce round six of The Mercedes Key making Course happening this March. Here is some of the feedback we received from the first class:

  • 100% of participants would recommend the class to other automotive locksmiths!
  • "Mercedes is not as hard as it used to be anymore."
    —Maher Eid, Lock Doctor, San Francisco, CA
  • "I loved that we had professionals teaching the class, they really knew their stuff. Last class I left not learning very much, not enough hands-on. This one was perfect."
    —Kevin Saxon, Ace Locksmith, Walled Lake, MI
  • "I definitely feel more confident going out in the field and being able to tackle these jobs. I couldn't ask for better instructors teaching the class."
    —Nate DeGraw, AAA Safe & Lock, Memphis, TN

An in-depth look at Mercedes immobilizer systems

Mercedes have always had the stigma of being the most advanced system on the market. We will break down the barriers between users and the ever-complex Mercedes cars. From making a duplicate key to in-the-field troubleshooting and other features of Diagspeed Pro+, we will cover it all during this course.

Class Topics:

  • DAS 3 Intro

    • 1st Gen: EIS, Steering Locks, Engine Computers
    • Remote Unlocking Functions (IR & RF) Global Feature
    • 2nd Gen 230/220: Modules and Data in System, DAS Instrument Cluster, ESM
    • 3rd Gen with Intro to 7G: Year Introduced and Progression of Versions
    • 4th Gen with ISM Modules: What Cars Have It and How to Identify
    • Terminology
    • What Info Needs to be Calculated to Make a Key?
  • What is the Data that is Stored in the EIS and How is it Shared?

    • Key Hash, Password, New Key Track Version Used
    • Rolling Codes, Dealer Hash, Mileage and VIN
  • Chip Sets and Generation Changes for EIS

  • What is a Gray Key, Orange Key, Green Key? When and Why Needed?

  • KeylessGo Systems & Functions

    • Identification
    • What Modules are Involved?
    • Differences with Keys and EIS
    • Key Tracks
  • EIS Early Roll and Late Roll in the Car's Network

    • CAN Networks Function
  • Which Cars Can or Can't be Done Via OBD When All Keys Lost?

    • Identifying Systems
  • Replacing or Repairing Bad Computers

    • Resetting, Writing To and Marrying Used Units
  • Steering Lock Repair

  • Troubleshooting Various Problems in the Field

    • Key will not start or unlock the car
    • Key unlocks the car but does not turn in the ignition, or no response
    • Key unlocks car and turns in the ignition but car does not crank
    • Key unlocks car and turns in the ignition, car cranks but will not start
    • New key will not learn to car, calculating key in dash
    • Made a new key but the old key stopped working
    • Made a new key and nothing happens when inserted into the EIS
    • Made a new key and car starts but remote doesn't work

    • Using a hot air rework station and soldering iron
    • Practice removing and replacing chips from the PCB
    • Using various tools to read, reset, and write to various chips
    • Reading in-circuit and in-cradle
    • Trouble-shooting
    • Working with BIN files

Tools & Machines That Will Be Covered:

  • Diagspeed MB Key OBD2 (Key Programmer)
  • Mercedes Xentry (Factory Scan Tool for Diagnostics)
  • Hot Air Rework Station (Soldering)
  • XProg Box (EEPROM)

Cancellation Policy:

The seats for this class are limited. If you cancel without enough notice, seats go unnecessarily unfilled. Cancellations more than 2 weeks before the class will receive a 100% refund. Cancellations more than 1 week before the class will receive a 75% refund. Cancellations more than 2 days before the class will have the option to credit their account towards the next class which is to be determined.

By the end of the weekend, you will be confident not only in making keys but diagnosing and repairing all functions of the immobilizer systems on Mercedes. You will learn what not even Factory Mercedes Technicians know! Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, you will walk away with a wealth of knowledge that you can immediately start making money with.

  • Be the best Mercedes locksmith in your area!
  • For those with no previous experience, start doing Mercedes keys with confidence!
  • For those with Mercedes experience already, become a true expert!

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