Truck Explorer PRO23

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Truck Explorer kit for professionals. Our full set of functions and hardware. A kit is for professionals who work with different kinds of trucks/buses/tractors.

Mercedes, MAN, Iveco, Scania, Fuso, BharatBenz, Kamaz, Claas, Ponsse, Groove, Freightliner with Mercedes engines, International and others.

Update/support subscription for 12 months is included.
Warranty for hardware is 12 months.

Availability to run operations for tokens: Operations and prices
Included Tokens: 700

Licenses in a kit:

Nr. License code License name
1 D2151S0001 License MB MR
PLD (MR) external FLASH & EEPROMs Read&Write; Checksum
2 D2051S0002 License MB KEYS
Key programming for Mercedes truck (MR) by OBDKey programming on PLD (MR). IMMO OFF on MR and FR/CPC
3 D2051S0003 License MB CALC
Calculate codes for VeDoc ( X1, X2, X8); FDOK (XT, XS, XN) algorithms, DAS password
4 D2151S0011 License MR+
MB MR; MB KEYS; MB CALC functionality with PLD MCU XC2287, XC2288H.
Supported Firmware: 21D, 22B, 23E, 24B, 23F, 24C, 25B, 25C, 30A, 30C, 30D, 31B, 31C, 32A
5 D2251S0055 License GS2
Gearbox ECU GS2 (EPS3) Read/Write in DC and BSL mode
6 D2151S0043 License EHZ BSL
EHZ E-MAS C167CS, 10F269 Flash & EEPROM R/W by DC2 BSL mode
7 D2251S0052 License EBS   New!
Wabco EBS3/EBS4 Read/Write Flash MPC5554 + EEprom
8 D2051P0005 License pack FR
    - License FR
    - License FR BSL
    - License CPC BSL
    - License ADM BSL
FR, FR/CPC, CPC - C167, ST10F276 Flash & EEPROM R/W. OBD and DC mode
FR1; FR2 - C167 Flash & EEPROM R/W in BSL mode
CPC0; CPC1 - ST10F276 Flash & EEPROM R/W in BSL mode
ADM2; ADM3 - Flash & EEPROM R/W in BSL mode
9 D2151P0015 License pack CPC3
    - License CPC3 DC
    - License CPC3 OBD   New!
    - License CPC3 JTAG
CPC3 R/W (Flash MPC5566/Eeprom AT25256) by DC, OBD and JTAG mode
10 D2151P0016 License pack CPC3Evo
    - License CPC3Evo DC
    - License CPC3Evo OBD
    - License CPC3Evo JTAG
CPC3Evo Read/Write (Flash MPC5674/Eeprom AT25256) by DC2U
CPC3Evo Read/Write (Flash MPC5674/Eeprom AT25256) by OBD
CPC3Evo recover by JTAG (Flash MPC5674/Eeprom AT25256)
11 D2051P0006 License pack CPC4
    - License CPC4 DC
    - License CPC4 OBD
    - License CPC4 BSL
CPC4 Read/Write (TC1796 Flash & EEPROM) in OBD, DC and BSL mode
12 D2051S0041 License SFTP KEYS
EIS/MCM/TCM keys operations added: 'Read keys info'; MCM/TCM 'Unpairing' (Online, DC mode only); MCM/TCM 'Pairing' (Offline, OBD) (600 tokens included). Transponder key programming to MCM (offline)
13 D2051S0035 License SFTP CALC
MB SFTP (MP4) VeDoc/Fdok XS; XT; XN; X1; X2; X8
14 D2051S0013 License EIS ISP
SFTP EIS Read/Write Flash&EEPROM by DC2U in ISP mode. D70F3628
15 D2051P0007 License pack ACM/MCM BSL
    - License MCM BSL
    - License MCM2.1 BSL
MCM, MCM2, ACM2, ACM2.1 (unlocked), MCM2.1 (unlocked, locked) - Flash & EEPROM R/W by DC2 in BSL
16 D2051P0008 License pack MCM
    - License MCM DC
    - License MCM OBD
MCM - Flash & EEPROM Read/Write by DC and OBD
17 D2051P0009 License pack MCM2
    - License MCM2 DC
    - License MCM2 OBD
MCM2 - Flash & EEPROM Read/Write via DC2 and OBD
18 D2051P0010 License pack ACM2
    - License ACM2 DC
    - License ACM2 OBD
ACM2 - Flash & EEPROM Read/Write by DC2 and OBD
19 D2051P0011 License pack MCM2.1   New!
    - License MCM2.1 DC
    - License MCM2.1 OBD
MCM2.1 (locked/unlocked) - Flash & EEPROM Read/Write by DC2 and OBD
20 D2051P0012 License pack ACM2.1
    - License ACM2.1 DC
    - License ACM2.1 OBD
ACM2.1 (locked/unlocked) Flash & EEPROM Read/Write by DC2 and OBD
21 D2051P0013 License pack EXTRA
    - License MB EXTRA
    - License CPC3 EXTRA
    - License ADM EXTRA
Speed limit R/W for PLD and FR; Torque limit R/W; AdBlue error Erase Speed limit R/W for MCM and CPC3; SFTP Speed limit R/W for ADM3;
22 D2051S1002 License MAN KEYS
Key programming for MAN trucks FFR or PTM over OBD or DC2.
Paring by OBD: EDC7U32+FFR, EDC7U32+PTM, MS6.x+FFR
Paring by DC2 with cable: EDC7U32+FFR, EDC7U32+PTM
23 D2051P1001 License pack FFR
    - License MAN FFR
    - License MAN FFR BSL
MAN FFR - Flash & EEPROM Read / Write in OBD, DC and BSL mode
24 D2051P1002 License pack PTM
    - License PTM DC
    - License PTM OBD
    - License PTM JTAG
MAN PTM - Flash & EEPROM Read / Write by OBD, DC2 and JTAG
25 D2051P1003 License pack MAN EDC7
    - License MAN EDC7 OBD
    - License MAN EDC7 GPT
    - License EDC7 BDM
License pack MAN EDC7C32 - Flash R/W in OBD and DC mode; Flash/EEPROM R/W by DC in GPT mode; AutoChecksum. Recover in BDM mode.
26 D2151P1004 License pack MAN EDC17
    - License MAN EDC17 GPT   New!
    - License EDC17 BSL   New!
MAN EDC17CV42 - Flash/EEPROM R/W by DC2 GPT. Checksum
27 D2151P5002 License pack IVECO EDC7
    - License IVECO EDC7 GPT
    - License IVECO EDC7 OBD
    - License EDC7 BDM
EDC7UC31 - Flash and EEPROM Read/Write in GPT, OBD and BDM mode.
28 D2151P5003 License pack IVECO EDC17
    - License IVECO EDC17 GPT   New!
    - License EDC17 BSL   New!
IVECO EDC17CV41 - Flash R/W by DC2 GPT. Checksum.
EDC17CV42, EDC17CV41 - Recover Flash in BSL mode.

29 D2051P5001 License pack VCM2
    - License IVECO VCM2
    - License IVECO VCM2 BSL
30 D2051S5005 License IVECO VCM3 BSL
IVECO VCM3 MB91F469G FLASH EEPROM Read/Write by DC2 in BSL mode
31 D2051S5002 License IVECO CALC
IVECO VCM2 PIN calculation by DC2
32 D2151S6001 License SCANIA COO7 JTAG
SCANIA COO7 read/write Flash/eeprom in DC2 JTAG mode
33 D2051S8001 License DC2
Operations by Direct Connection 2 tool (DC2, DC2M, DC2U). 
34 D2051S0004 License MB DIAG
MB Fault codes DTC Read/Erase; All code descriptions; Generate Full report in PDF file
35 D2051S1008 License MAN DIAG
MAN Fault codes DTC Read/Erase; All code descriptions. OBD/DC2
36 License IVECO DIAG
IVECO Fault codes DTC Read/Erase; All code descriptions. OBD/DC2
37 D2051S8002 License Android
Truck Explorer Android license 
38 Tokens for operations
Additional operations for tokens (price per operation)

Hardware in a kit:

Nr. Code Product name
1 D220707004
Truck Explorer PRO22
2 D151201001
Truck Explorer PRO22
3 D151120064
Truck Explorer PRO22
4 D141120012
Truck Explorer PRO22
5 D185101084
Truck Explorer PRO22
6 D225101004
Truck Explorer PRO22
7 D165120003
Truck Explorer PRO22
8 D195121005
Truck Explorer PRO22
9 D195111004
Truck Explorer PRO22
10 D195116004
Truck Explorer PRO22
11 D225111012
Truck Explorer PRO22
DC2-EBS34 cable   New!
12 D195116003
Truck Explorer PRO22
13 D205111007
Truck Explorer PRO22
14 D225100020
Truck Explorer PRO22
15 D205100024
Truck Explorer PRO22
16 D205100023
Truck Explorer PRO22
17 D205100025
Truck Explorer PRO22
18 D205111003
Truck Explorer PRO22
19 D195111003
Truck Explorer PRO22
20 D215111009
Truck Explorer PRO22
21 D195102003
Truck Explorer PRO22
22 D195111011
Truck Explorer PRO22
23 D175101010
Truck Explorer PRO22
24 D2251K1002
Truck Explorer PRO22
25 D195141001
Truck Explorer PRO22
26 D195141003
Truck Explorer PRO22
27 D195141002
Truck Explorer PRO22
28 D215142005
Truck Explorer PRO22
29 D215132005
Truck Explorer PRO22
30 D215142007
Truck Explorer PRO22
31 D215132016
Truck Explorer PRO22
32 D195131002
Truck Explorer PRO22
33 D195132005
Truck Explorer PRO22
34 D215152001
Truck Explorer PRO22
DC2U-COO7 cable   New!
35 D205112006
Truck Explorer PRO22
36 D205188003
Truck Explorer PRO22

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