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Turbo decoder HU64 Mercedes

Turbo decoder HU64 Mercedes professional locksmith decoder for easy opening and decoding all MERCEDES BENZ door*, trunk** and ignition*** locks.

  • Mercedes Benz A class
  • Mercedes Benz C class – from 1999 onward
  • Cl -1995 up to 1999 year
  • CLK – from 2002 onward
  • Mercedes Benz E class – from 1997 onward
  • M class
  • G class
  • S class – from 1999 onward
  • Commercial vehicles – SPRINTER  2007 up to 2011

Turbodecoder HU64 is made to open all Mercedes locks – door, trunk and ignition. The code HU64 is taken from the SILCA code references.

For many years it was hard to open and service the 2 track HU64 locks with the conventional locksmith tools and so a lot of locksmiths refused to service them. With our Turbo decoder HU64 Mercedes we have made a breakthrough in this situation and NOW the opening of Mercedes door or trunk locks is fast and easy. Decoding the pin depths is also a plus, so reproducing a working mechanical key becomes an easy task!

Before using our decoder clean the lock with WD40 spray in order to remove any dust or dirt and to ensure smooth opening (unlocking).

The kit includes:

One Turbo decoder HU64

2 set up calibrated point devices for precise resetting of the sliding pins

spare set-up devices for turbodecoders

Transport box with soft foam inlay to carry the tool and protect it from damages: 

Tester key is NOT PROVIDED with this Turbo decoder model!

Please do not use the resetting device with any other Turbo decoder. Because there is a risk of damaging your tools.

* door locks from 2000 up to this day 

** trunk locks -2003 up to this day

*** Ignition locks 2000-up to this day

If you have any questions about this product, feel free to contact us.

Specially developed locksmith picking and decoding instrument for fast and non-destructive opening , unlocking, locking and decoding of all locks mounted on Mercedes Benz automobiles.


Turbo decoder HU64 Mercedes Benz unlocking tool explanation

It is good to know whether YOUR tool is original, Prodecoder or Chinese production. If you don’t see the hologram protective sticker with the information below please consider this user guide not valid! The use of non-original locksmith equipment can damage the locks you are trying to open!

This photo shows the parts of your Turbodecoder, note that any vehicle opening tool which is made in our company Luckylocks has the same concept for its mechanical parts and once you learn their functionality you will be able to use all of them by applying the same recurring procedures!

turbo decoder hu64 elements explore
see turbo decoder hu64 elements
  • key profile – on this tool it is HU64 / Silca identification code / and it is made to fit in any lock of Mercedes Benz automobiles from 2000 up to today
  • sliding pins – sliding moving mechanical components necessary to unlock and decode the locks mounted on MB vehicles
  • pin bar – on each side of the decoder we have mounted pin bars for inserting the instrument in and extracting it out of the locks
  • tension wheel – round front segment of the turbo decoder handle to use for applying tension forces / left & right /
  • pin activator wheel – it is connected to the pin bars in order to command them in open and closed positions
  • turbo wheel – the back wheel of the tool handle which does rotational movements and puts in action the pins during the opening procedures.

Opening procedure and important tips to follow:

Clean the lock with some light oil spray such as WD40 to remove all dirt accumulated over the time.

To discover the lock orientation you need to use your instrument. Insert it after the turbo wheel was rotated to the right and the pin activator wheel is pushed all to the front! Hold the decoder on the ring of the pin activator wheel and insert it carefully into the lock. It is not necessary to force strong the tool, it will enter if the lock is in good mechanical condition. Now pull back only the pin activator wheel and apply rotational force on the tension wheel to the left. In this moment start to rotate the turbo wheel to the left too and feel the rotation, it will be easy with no resistance and in some point you will feel a resistance on it. Note where its line points to in the moment when the resistance begins. IF the line of the turbo wheel is before the first stop sector – your orientation is good and you can start the opening procedure. If that line is after the first stop sector please turn the turbo wheel all to the right, push to the front the activator wheel and extract the decoder from the lock, reverse it and insert again. Now your tool is orientated correctly.

To open the lock please pull back the pin activator wheel, force the tension tool to the right and rotate the turbo wheel to the left till its line reaches to the first stop sector. Turn back the turbo wheel to its initial position – all to the right. Loose the tension force on the tension wheel and check the lock. Now apply force to the left on the tension wheel and repeat the rotation with the turbo wheel up to stop sector 1. Go back with it and loose the tension. Repeat these steps 20 times.

If the lock is not open please increase the rotating of the turbo wheel to the second stop point. All the rest is the same. Just the stop point is changed from 1 to 2.

Do the same 20 more times and if there is no result – do it all again but stop at sector 3 for 20 more times. In some moment the lock must be opened. Usually we open the locks at the second stop sector but, of course, this depends on the operator abilities or on the lock code configuration.

Decoding of Benz locks opened with Turbo decoder HU64 Mercedes

If you need to decode the lock you just opened with your tool, please follow the instructions:

Once your tool turns the lock and it can be opened please do not remove it. Keep the lock turned to left or right but not in neutral position. When you are in turned position please rotate the turbo wheel all to the left / its line will point at stop sector 3 /. Leave it there and jiggle the tool by following the plane of the key profile. Then turn the turbo wheel all to the right, rotate the tool to neutral lock position, push forward the pin activator wheel and extract the tool from the lock.

With the Turbo decoder HU64 Mercedes out of the lock please pull back the pin activator wheel / pins become visible / and rotate the back wheel up to sector 3.

Now see the pins, calculate the pin depths and by following the side A and side B order write down the discovered code. This is the mechanical code needed to cut a working mechanical key by inserting the code in a CNC locksmith machine.






THE LOCK CODE IS: 1121355344 

After the code reading you have to reset your sliding pins. This is necessary if you want to open another lock with your tool. Resetting procedure can be made ONLY WITH THIS SET UP DEVICE HU64!!!

Correct steps to follow:

Push the pin activator wheel to the front, rotate the turbo wheel all to the right and then inject the calibrated needle part of your set up device into the hole which is located under each pin on the edge of your key profile. There are 5 holes on each.

When you inject and push the resetting device, the point of its needle will slide the pin and will stop automatically when the pin arrives to its start position. Now your prodecoder tool is ready to open another MB lock.

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