Mercedes Control Modules :


Mercedes Benz has incorporated part of the Immobilizer function into many of the Drivetrain control units.   These modules have key track Hash data stored which the EIS checks before a start is authorized.    All data has to be matching between the Key, the EIS, and any modules in the system.  

Due to data being stored in these modules, it prevents them from being installed into other vehicles.   These modules that store the Data are the ME control unit ( Motor Electronics ) ISM ( Intellegent Shift Module )  ETC  ( Electronic Transmission Control ) .   Mercedes calls these parts TRP ( Theft Related Parts ).

For these control units to be reused in another car their data must be cleaned or wiped out for new data to be programmed in.   With the Diagspeed Tool you have the ability to renew old control units.  This will save thousands of dollars from having to purchase them new.

From model years 2000 and newer starting with ME version 2.8 ( Or cars than operate on the DAS or Xentry diagnosis Platform ) , you have the ability to renew them using the Diagspeed tool.   In 2004 Mercedes introduced the 7G transmission ( Also known as the 722.9 trans).   These have been an issue when installing them used, but the Diagspeed tool has the solution to Renew these transmission and rewrite the VIN from the new car.  The same is true for the ISM module.

As these cars change and are in need of more solutions, the Diagspeed will be the tool to pioneer the way to do it.


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