DAS Systems:                Mercedes Anti Theft System


With the introduction of the Immobilizer system into Mercedes Benz cars in the Mid 1990's, we have seen a more complex progression in the technology. 

DAS stands for 'Drivers Autorization System".    This system incorporates multiple control units to verify common protected data between them and the key.

Starting in the model year 1998, Mercedes changed there system to what is known as the DAS 3 version.  This system used keys and ignition switch modules that verfied the protected data via an Infared communication between the two. 

There have been a number of  changes to the chip versions internal to the Ignition Switch, Or otherwise know as the EIS or EZS.   Early EIS units started with a Motorola chip commonly known as HC705.  This lead to the advance of the HC908 , HC912, HC9s12, FBS2, FBS3 and the current  FBS4.  

These systems have seen changes to the level of encrption to further ward off potential "cracking" of their code.    As locksmiths have tried to keep up with the evolution of this technology, it has let to the need of more complex equipment.


The Diagspeed device has been leading the way on break throughs  to generate keys for the even the latest Mercedes Benz models.     This tool has allowed locksmiths to make keys for even the latest 2015 models year cars. 

As this industry will continue to change and advance, and this tool will continue to pioneer new ways to make keys for Mercedes.


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