What's new in software v7.0 build 17869 (2022-12-21):

  1. License EBS now supports Knorr-Bremse and Wabco EBS3/EBS4/EBS4+/EBS5
  2. EBS parameters change (VIN, Item Nr, etc.)
  3. License SCANIA OPC5   (now JTAG mode only)
  4. License MB CR4 (EDC16CP31)   (GPT and BDM, unpair/pair)
  5. License MB CR60 (EDC17CP46)  (GPT mode, unpair/pair)
  6. Cables:
    1. DC2U-EBS34-MB-Wabco cable
    2. DC2U-EBS5-MB-Knorr cable
    3. DC2U-EBS5-MAN-Knorr cable
    4. DC2U-EBS3-KAMAZ cable
    5. DC2U-OPC5 cable
    6. DC2U-CR4 GPT cable
    7. DC2U-CR60 GPT cable
  7. Online dump backup database "My Cloud".  More..
  8. Software for Apple iOS smart phones.   Download in App Store.
  9. Software v7.0 is fully supported by VEI V6 and V7.

Fixes in a build v7.0.17869 (2022-12-21):
* new: "Password reset" action added to DetroitDiesel CPC4
* new ECU versions: Iveco EDC7UC31 version 6.5.0
* new ECU versions: MCM2.1 diagnosis version 00201B
* new ECU versions: ACM3 diagnosis version 001E59
* new ECU versions: TCM (Wabco) diagnosis version 000D03
* new ECU versions: new ACM, ACM2.1, ACM3, MCM2.1, TCM, CPC4, CPC5, EBS4+ (Wabco) versions added from Xentry 2022.12
* new ECU versions: CPC2+ diagnosis version 00004F
* new ECU versions: TCM (FESTO) diagnosis version 000403
* changes: new token price for MCM unpair (now 20, was 50)
* changes: new token price for TCM unpair (now 20, was 100)
* changes: new token price for MCM switch to classic/FBS3 (now 10, was 60)
* changes: new token price for TCM memory write (now 0, was 20)
* changes: new token price for EDC17+PTM pairing (now 50, was 100)
* changes: License MB GS2 DC and GS2 BSL are merged to MB GS2
* changes: CPC4 "Restore RTC" action moved to Parameters. User can read/write actual values now.
* changes: MB_GSII_DC, MB_GSII_BSL licenses merged to one common MB_GSII
* fixed: DetroitDiesel CPC4 parameters write for password protected ECUs (was "error 3.5", now show "ECU is password protected" message)
* fixed: EIS ISP memory operations (was "error 0.3")
* fixed: MB EBS4+ (Wabco, MPC5566) JTAG FLASH operations (read always returned empty data)
* fixed: TCM (Festo) parameters write (was "error 3.5" on some ECUs)
* fixed: some CPC4 was wrongly detected as CPC2
* fixed: app crash when connecting to locked MR
* fixed: ECU hardware class was wrong detected during GPT connect
* fixed: memory writes for some ECUs did not stopped after critical errors (DC power off, ECU disconnect)
* fixed: CPC4 RTC read
* fixed: MAN EDC7C32 BDM FLASH operations (write did not work properly)
* fixed: MB/MAN EBS5 (Knorr) BDM FLASH operations (write did not work properly)
* fixed: correct MCU name in suggested filenames after BSL/JTAG read operations
* fixed: show correct DC voltage (just after application start it was always 0V)
* fixed: EIS ISP memory operations (was "error 0.3")
* fixed: MCM2.1 lock status wrong detection & after that memory operations hanged up
Fixes in a build v7.0.17593 (2022-10-19):
 * fixed: PTM via JTAG external FLASH memory operations (was used internal FLASH instead)
 * fixed: MR via OBD memory operations after faults operations (was "error 0.3")
 * fixed: MB CR4 via BDM memory operations (external FLASH was missed)
 * fixed: incomplete dropdown lists on Settings page
 * fixed: connect to 3xxxx device (in some rare "bad" cases was "internal error")
 * fixed: connect to ECU in boot mode (was "internal error")
 * fixed: if GPT connect fails further operations are stopped (were allowed before)


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