BIN Map Database Tool

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This tool allows the user to make their own Data labeling in Bin files.   If you have information that you want to break down into simple form to change information or locate it within the file, this tool is for you.
Allows the user to build a decoder that will work on all the same file versions.  Need to find an ISN quickly in a file, this tool will help.  
You can slowly build your own database decoding files or share between users.   Works with all data types, HEX, ASCII, Decimal and a combination of the different versions.
Want to know how to convert a CAS3+ Encrypted file to a non-encrypted version?  This is very useful on BMW's that do not have a full 16 byte ISN to decrypt the file.  We will include a free decoded CAS3 database file and instructions on how to convert those files fast to write keys to the car.
Each file version has a Text file attached to it so you can make notes per each file version.  Helps with any information learned along the way that came be saved for later, without committing it to memory.
Makes quick work of the repeated processes, without having to memorize all the data locations and types.

BINMAP Why its Awesome.mp4 from Dustie Michael on Vimeo.



  • Makes quick work of locating data within a file
  • Fully customizable and allows user edit with endless possibilities.
  • Easy data editing data in all formats (HEX, ASCII, Decimal )
  • Allows to make custom notes for each decoder file
  • Allows to label data based on data ( 01 byte = decodes as “Encrypted” , 05 “NOT Encrypted)
  • Binary Search functions based on dynamic file types (Data in different address locations for same file type)
  • Continuous updates based on user input
  • Can help community to share information on different files
  • Helps save lots of time in manually finding and editing data

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