Diagspeed PRO with EIS cable set

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This is the one tool you need for making new keys for Mercedes.  Whether its a duplicate copy or an All Lost Keys situation, this tool can do it.

What makes that set so special is that it comes with a set of 17 EIS cables.

Covers most Mercedes models from 1998-2015. Not only does it make keys, but also can reset used Engine ECU's, Transmission 7G modules, ESL Steering locks, Used OEM keys, ISM Shift modules, and EIS Electronic Ignition Switches. 

This tool comes with free basic updates, NO TOKENS for special functions, International Tech Support (We Speak English and Spanish) and has the most functions for All Lost Keys through OBD compared to other Mercedes key tools.  Less need to R&R of the ignition switch to make keys!!  

Comes with a manual that's close to 3000 pages long. This makes the tool very easy to use even for the novice user. 

Diagspeed Pro features: 

  • supports Read ,Reset and Read of Password of Keyless Go NEC version 22-42 key (Can Write 42 keys to 212-166-204- EIS versions with Keyless Go)
  • supports All Lost keys for Amazonas EIS versions for 164 and 221 version 2006-2008
  • Key Duplication reads - 5 min
  • All lost keys 10 Min reads, 3 Minute Calculations 
  • UN-lock (DE-block) of ESL chip by K line, AND Retrieve PASSWORD from ESL, no soldering
  • reset on board of NEC keys without removing Chip (Solder wires to points on board)
  • supports Sprinter Chassis 906 All Lost keys through OBD (Will add remote features with later update). Will add older 901-903 models with update
  • Retrieve SSID from Instrument Cluster Via OBD
  • Write VIN to ME and CDI engine control units 
  • and much more functions



Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. When do I have to buy tokens?

    Unlike all other Mercedes programmers on the market, the MB Key OBD2 does not require any additional cost such as tokens to pull the password from your customer's vehicle.

  2. What models can be programmed via OBD and what models need EEPROM?

    For an all-keys-lost situation, Diagspeed can do most by OBD, without the need of EEPROM.

    Here is a list of all cars that can be programmed via OBD or on Bench (all others require EEPROM):

    C-Class: 1998-2014

    CL: 2002-2013

    CLA: up to 2015

    CLK: 2003 -2009

    CLS: 2006 and newer

    E-Class: 1998-2014

    GL: 2006-2014

    GLA: up to 2015

    ML: 2006 - 2013

    R-Class: 2006 and newer

    S-Class: 2002-2012

    SL: 2003-2013

    SLK: 2005 and newer

  3. How many different keys do I need to stock to use with this tool?

    Just 1 !!!!!  Unless your customer requests that you to make them a Keyless Go Style  ( Proxy ) you can use our own Quality tested BE KEY. 2 Free tester keys come with every tool to try. 

  4. What support is there for used modules?

    You can also reset and program the following:

    EIS (electronic ignition switches): All DAS 3 versions (infrared keys)

    ESL (electronic steering locks)

    ME (engine computer): ME 2.1 and newer

    CDI (diesel engine computer): All

    7G (transmission computer): Siemens and Continental conductor plates

    DCT (dual clutch transmission computer)

    ISM (shifter module): Siemens and Continental

    NEC OEM keys (all circle panic button keys, including KeylessGo )


Additional kits that work with the DIAGSPEED: 

1: EIS Bench cable set 

2. Engine CPU Cable set

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