Mercedes Engine Computer Reset Cable Set

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Everything you need to reset newer Mercedes, Dodge, Jeep and Sprinter ECU's on the bench.  Covers modules from Model years 2001 to present.

Make quick safe work of resetting and reading modules.  No need to pin out the ECU and risk burning the module.

Now you can connect and reset within 1 min with the Diagspeed Tool start to finish!!!

Covers Modules Listed below:

ME Gasoline engine control units versions

Bosch Gas Engine Control Units;

ME 2.1    Mid 112-V6 & 113- V8

ME 2.8   Late 112- V6 & 113- V8

ME 2.8.1 AMG 113-SUPERCHARGED engine

ME 2.7    V12 137 engine 

ME 9.7   272- V6 & 273 V8   

ME 17.7  276- V6 & 278-V8                                                                     

Siemens Gas Engine Control Units;

SIM 4LE  4 Cylinder 111 Engine

SIM 4LKE    4 Cylinder 271 Engine

SIM 271KE2.0   4 Cylinder 271 Engine

SIM 271DE2.0    4 Cylinder 271 Engine        


Diesel Engine Control Units;

CRD 2  651- 4 Cylinder

CRD 3  651- 4 Cylinder  & 647- 5 Cylinder

CRD 4   642- V6  Benz -- 651- 4 cylinder Dodge


CRD 6 Newer 642 - V6   

The complete set comes with a water proof pelican box to make safe clean storage of the set. 

Make easy money now thanks to this complete set.  Take on those jobs you have been passing up.  Also works for bench testing the ECU!!!

 Can be used with the DIAGSPEED MB TOOL 



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